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Province of Coast - City/Town of Mombasa


City/Town of Mombasa

City/Town : Mombasa
Province : Coast
Province : Mombasa
Country : Kenya
Continent : Africa
Population : 939,370
Area : 294.7 sq km
Latitude : 4°03′S
Longitude : 39°40′E
Visiting Mombasa

from Wikipedia

Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya, with a population of over one million.  A regional cultural and economic hub, Mombasa has a large port and an international airport, and is an important regional tourism centre. Located on the east coast of Kenya, in Mombasa County and the former Coast Province, Mombasa's bordering the Indian Ocean made it a historical trading centre, and it has been controlled by many countries because of its strategic location.
The city had a population of 939,370 per the 2009 census and is located on Mombasa Island and sprawls to the surrounding mainlands. The island is separated from the mainland by two creeks: Tudor Creek and Kilindini Harbour. It is connected to the mainland to the north by the Nyali Bridge, to the south by the Likoni Ferry, and to the west by the Makupa Causeway, alongside which runs the Kenya-Uganda Railway. The port serves both Kenya and countries of the interior, linking them to the ocean. The city is served by Moi International Airport located in the northwest mainland suburb of Chaani.
The city is mainly inhabited by the Mijikenda and Swahili people. Other communities found are the Arabs, Akamba and the Wataita. The major religions practiced are Islam Christianity and the Hindu.[3] Over the centuries, many immigrants and traders have settled in Mombasa, particularly from Iran, the Middle East, Somalia, and the Indian sub-continent, who came mainly as traders and skilled craftsmen.
Music and Nightlife
Taarab music, which originates from Zanzibar, has a prominent local presence.[16] Styles of music native to Mombasa include the smooth and mellow Bango, fast-paced Chakacha and traditional Mwanzele. Benga and Ohangla are also very popular.
Musicians of note are Mombasa Roots, Safari Sounds, Them Mushrooms, Anwar Juma Bhalo and Princess Farida. Mombasa was also the home or base for former greats like Fundi Konde, renowned for his song "Tausi"; Fadhili Williams and Grand Charo, famous for the song "Malaika"; Sal Davies; Malika Mohammed of Vidonge hit song; Stara Butte; Juma Bhalo. Contemporary hiphop fusion artistes are Susumila, Majizee, Nyota Ndogo, Cannibal (musician), Sharama and Ukoo Flani supergroup which once could boast up to 40 rappers.
Recently, hip hop, reggae, soul, blues, salsa and (among the Indian community) bhangra have become popular, especially amongst the youth. Mombasa is mainly a tourism centre populated by hundreds of entertainment spots of all categories from night clubs, bars, hotels, fancy restaurants and many more. It has the most vibrant night life in Kenya catering for the mainly tourist population.